Certified goldsmith
and precious metal shaper
A love for the craft, not mass production. 
Durable materials and minimum waste, not fast disposable fashion. 
Creative design, not copy paste.
Quality, not quantity.

Susan Stegeager

Owner of Stegeager Jewellery, certified goldsmith and precious metal shaper
I am an experienced certified goldsmith. For many years I have designed jewellery, teached goldsmithing and worked in the business as a store and workshop manager.
I create handmade quality jewellery designed with thought, a love for the craft and care for the environment.
I will always have an artistic and experimenting approach to the craft. The idea and design proces is what drives me. My design proces is usually playful with deliberate obstructions that challenge the working habits. 
I find inspiration from odd organic and inorganic structures and forms, aiming to shape materials into interesting and beautiful jewellery.