Welcome to Stegeager Jewellery!

En butik for dig, der sætter pris på håndlavede smykker i originalt design og høj kvalitet. Ingen trends, ingen masseproduktion – kun godt håndværk og gennemtænkt design af tidløse smykker.
The person who wears my jewellery should be able to feel the quality and sense the idea and personality of the jewellery. The jewellery should arouse both joy and curiosity. That is the mission of Stegeager Jewellery.
Each peace has been thorough design proces. I experiment with materials and forms until they finally come together in a jewellery peace with personality, a story and a beauty. I hope you can sense that too.

Susan Stegeager

Owner of Stegeager Jewellery, certified goldsmith and precious metal shaper
  • A love for the craft 
  • A love for design
  • A love for materials

New collections


The Deadwood collection is inspired by a gold-digger town where miners encountered a gulch full of dead trees - deadwood - and a creek full of gold.
There is a perfect union in the meeting of the shape and warmth of wood with the smooth texture of metal.  


Deadwood Square is a different take on the Deadwood theme. This collection has a more strict and edgy look with its square profile and uneven progression on the jewellery.
The streamlined scandinavian look makes you think of something tectonic or graphically.


A bubble that pops, a shooting star, something minuscule - what do you see?
The Chamboo collection plays with three different elements - a ball, square twisted wire and structured sheets.
The combinations are endless - new and unique styles will continue to emerge.

No Waste

With the No Waste collection, the aim is to utilize the material to the full to minimize waste. Each set of ear studs are very symbiotic but still opposites. A peace will always be asymmetrical, as the "innards" of one ear stud make up the other earring.
Although I will not be saving the earth, No Waste is my small contribution to the awareness of the resources of the earth.